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Apple AirPods


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Truly Wireless Earbuds, In-Ear Headphones, Earphones, Bluetooth Headphones
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Microphone, Collapsible
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Answer Call, End Call
10 m
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5 h
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2 h
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Built into Headphones
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Charging Cable, Charging Station

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The latest iPhones have no headphone jack. The solution: Apple AirPods.
Technology comes with one big drawback: incompatibility. Old music collections, video tapes, disk formats become useless in the name of advancement. Not so headphones. These trusty little ear speakers have remained close to unchanged for decades, connecting via a standard 3.5 mm jack. Until now. Enter Apple, and the iPhone 7. If you’ve just invested a fortune in a top pair of Shure earphones, you’re not going to like this. The Apple ecosystem has become even more exclusive. Now the brand has its own proprietary wireless headphones. Apple earpods have been replaced by Apple AirPods.

Please note: 2018’s iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, are also lacking the headphone jack!

Apple AirPods UK Price
Glancing through an Apple Airpod review will confirm what everyone fears. You won’t find this new-fangled product in the box with your iPhone 7 Plus. These Apple headphones must be purchased separately and for no petty amount of cash. Most professional testers agree that the price is not based on sound quality. Though these are definitely the best in-ear headphones that the brand has ever produced, they fall far short of what you’ll hear coming through on competing models with the same price tag.

Pairing & Siri Control
Main selling point of these wireless headphones is compatibility with iPhones lacking the jack. The pairing process is simple. Just open the carry case, which doubles as a charger, and set the AirPods next to your phone. Very quickly a message will appear on your smartphone’s display. Press confirm; a tone sounds, and you’re done.

Siri is in control of most functions. The built-in microphone lets you communicate. Just double tap an earpod, and Siri will greet you with “Hello”. You can change tracks, adjust the volume or place queries without touching the earphones at all.

Style & Wireless Connectivity
These Apple earpods look odd. They’re basically shaped like regular earphones without the wire. Anyone who has owned a Bluetooth headset or another pair of wireless headphones will instantly agree that this is convenience pure. Tangled or disconnected wires are a problem of the past, and you’ll enjoy much more freedom of movement.

No need to worry about the AirPods falling out. They fit snugly, and testers claim they are comfortable enough to wear for hours on end. This is surprising considering that they are one-size-fits-all and do not come with various eartips. One professional Apple AirPods review notes that sound leakage becomes a problem for those who aren’t blessed with standard-sized ears. Office and public transport use is possible, but on low volume.

Cool trick: Via infrared, your phone can detect when the pods are in your ears. Remove one and the music stops. Replace it and the music continues.

Charging Case & Battery Life
Charging cable and a charging station, which doubles as a case, are included with the Apple AirPods. The charging case provides power for up to 24 hours worth of use, but the pods can only handle 5 hours worth of juice per charge up.

Apple AirPods UK Verdict
What do these Apple headphones have going for them? Attractive design? No, they’re only available in white and look rather silly when worn. Sound quality? No, though voice calling is good, music is not up to par with other earphones in this price range. The main reason to buy AirPods is because you own a newer iPhone. Then they’re convenient, if expensive.

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